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Starz Power Season 3 Premiere|RECAP

Can Ghost Really Die?

We attended the Power Season 3 Premiere, finally we can let the rest of the world know what our writer Shadae Bradshaw has to say!

The promo line read ,“Ghost Must Die”…for the highly anticipated crime drama, Power.  The Starz ad was plastered everywhere an ad can be placed. The hour-long original series made its return for season 3 last night and did not disappoint. Episode 1 titles “Call Me James”, was not a request, but an order from Ghost or rather “James”.  While trying to  escape his past as the first in command drug-lord to step in his new role as a successful legit nightclub owner, he battles himself. He wants Ghost to die; the name and the legacy. Once Ghost is dead James can live. In the midst of this self-searching quest, his enemies want Ghost the flesh to die.

The season starts off as a mirror reflection of season 1: Ghost and Angela stepping out of an SUV entering his night club, Truth. (This scene mimics the series premiere episode, when Ghost and his wife Tasha pull up to the same club stepping out of an SUV for the grand opening). The couple is in their Sunday’s best, especially Ghost draped in his usual clean cut suit and his face covered with war scars complimented by Kanan. As Tommy warned him in season 2 finale, Ghost is watching his back, looking over his shoulder in this opening scene. Maybe it has to do with the araña card partly covered with blood that was left on his desk. Maybe it’s the thought of losing his right hand, Tommy. Maybe it’s the thought of leaving the game to pursue this new endeavor. Possibly it could just be a combination of everything above and then some that has Ghost uneasy.

When Ghost leaves his sidechick turned mainchick to go handle club business, we see her clutch isn’t packed with the normal club toiletries: her ID, makeup and cellphone. We find out that little miss thang has a pistol instead. This means she’s not taking any chances,she knows it’s risky business dealing with Ghost. You can’t blame her with Tommy outside lurking at his former bff exchanging a suspect looks, his mind had to be marinating on his order to kill Ghost. With all that’s happened and happening, Ghost is smart to upgrade the security in the club. He gives this order to his new protégé, Dre, earlier before he and Angela ends the evening, but not before going on a sexcapade in his office.

When Ghost and Angela returns to her place that evening, she mentions her consideration to put in to move to a different department, yet she leaves out her confrontation with Greg, she also slides in she’s ready to meet Ghost’s kids and he agrees.

Meanwhile, Tommy has no intentions to leave the game. In fact he’s setting up shop to become the new first in command in hopes to pick up where Ghost left off— with girlfriend Holly by his side. Tommy is also one of the few people to know Lobos survived his attack and he is alive (not to mention Lobos ordered to the hit on Ghost and assigned it to Tommy). The Feds use this assumption, to go forward in the John Doe drug lord prosecution. Meaning the prosecution is still in the works and Angela may be out of that department switch. (Also, Sandoval is in Lobos’ camp making the twist in this plot thicken).

Lobos is anxious, ready for Ghost to hurry up and die. He makes it clear to Tommy that he will not be his connect until Ghost is dead. He threatens trouble will find Holly and his dog; Tommy assures him he will follow through while trying to bargain product at the same time. In typical Tommy fashion he lifts his mask showing his face and threatens two soldiers from someone else’s camp after Julio warned him not to. Julio shows up to Truth to report to Ghost what happened and to find out what’s going on and Angela notice.

She confronts Ghost later that night about the incident stating she knows Julio is a gang member and wanting to know what that was about. He tells her why Julio was there: to find out if Ghost was really out the game. After she accepts this truth, she confirms Ghost’s suspicions (a suspicion he received after his talk with Julio): Lobos didn’t die in the attack and he believes Jimenez is the one who tried to kill him. (She has no idea he’s playing her). She tells Ghost he’s safe. “It’s all over,” she says. “I guess Ghost really is dead.” But little does she know the ghost of Ghost has resurrected from the dead, because as the show is ending we see Ghost calling Tommy stating they need to talk, telling him it’s “Ghost”.

The sequence leading to the end of the episode we see Tommy entering his apartment following a blood trail to find his dog neck slice (Lobos living up to his threat?), Ghost confessing to Tasha what exactly happened to Sean and how he killed Kanan, and Ghost hitting a deadend trying to get to the bottom of how who hired the waitress at his club to place that bloody card on his desk.

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