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Questions on Culture

When I was in college I read a book called, “Prophets of the Hood” by Imani Perry. The book told Hip Hop Narratives and the stories that many black men experience. In this book, the author addressed politics and how public opinion of the majority may be distorted.

Hip Hop has always been a voice to the voiceless. Are Rappers losing that consciousness for the sake of being like by mainstream culture? Are they feeding into negative stereotypes to by sharing the culture with the masses? With a culture being consumed as a trend, is this bridging the gap of racial tension or is this creating more division because there is more conversation on the topic… Kim K wasn’t the inventor of the Braids to the Back aka Cornrolls? Meanwhile sista girl around the corner has always rocked this style… No one called it a trend then? Beyonce wears braids, so we can’t use the fact that it’s a celeb rocking the style so we run out to do the same. Does race play a part in this? ┬áIs it mockery of the culture or just flattery!

The only reason I think it’s relevant because it’s fun to share certain aspects of a culture but not all. I think America should of woke up when Police didn’t want to provide Beyonce security at her show, due to her Super Bowl performance, that simply just proved she’s proud of who she is.

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