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Beyonce Album Due April 4th ?

I am sure the BeyHive have been waiting for this album to drop soon. Beyonce has been reportedly filming videos and what not. But we know how special the number 4 is to Beyonce so let’s just assume it’s dropping April 4th.

So here are some facts surrounding the number 4:

  • Blue Ivy just turned 4yrs old this year.
  • Beyonce’s fourth album was called 4.
  • Jay-Z’s birthday is December 4th, which is also divisible by 4.
  • Beyonce’s birthday is September 4th.
  • April fourth month and it’s 2016 which is divisible by 4, which actually equals 4.

So we shall see for April 4th, 2016 if this Beyonce album drops!


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